We recently sat down with Ferris Plock to talk all things Dogpatch Skateboards - from creating his entire fictional skate company world and producing a solo show during a global pandemic, to weiner dogs and slurpee machines and VHS sponsor me tapes. Read on for a sneak peek at the interview by our gallery manager, Lyndsie Fox, published by Juxtapoz Magazine.

Lyndsie Fox: If your Dogpatch Skateboards company had a real-life storefront, what would the shop look like and who would be working there?
Ferris Plock: It would be a gigantic cartoon dog head with its tongue sticking out and you'd walk in on the tongue. I would make my kids run the shop with all their friends. Probably make Ando from FTC make guest appearances, maybe Matt D from DLX too (two of the best shop managers of all time.)

The sticker sets, shirts, and skate deck for this show are such a fun, funny way to bring this brand to life. When you created your sticker sets you even said, “No fictitious skateboard company would be whole without shop stickers!” What other future products do you envision for the DPS brand?
The essentials are stickers and shirts man... Every shop needs them and has them. However, I would like to make slurpee machines with special dogpatch flavors and I'd definitely want to sell weed and frozen crab out of the back. Also bring back VHS sponsor me tapes? 

You even crafted a complete DPS skateboard for this show! Can you tell us what that process was like? Is it a functional, skate-able board, or is it purely decorative?
I did ride it down Lake Street in the Richmond District three times and I definitely stayed puckered the whole time. I worked with my carpenter friend Danny Montoya who runs Butterfly Joint (check them out if you have kids) on some fun shapes. I actually made two boards but, the other one I liked too much and kept it for myself. 

The preview shots of the board debuted with the following advertisement: “Dogpatch Skateboards are best known for their signature flagship boards. Each deck is lovingly crafted by our team of experts. Each of our team riders have been painstakingly selected over an extensive and exhaustive four or five minutes.” Who would be your ideal DPS team riders? 
Bob Lake, Gou Miyagi, Ben Buzzard and Sammy VonBargen. Team Manager: Jimmy DiMarcellis.

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